Need a physically captivating, full-body exercise that keeps you fit whole day with prime fitness condition? At that point, rock climbing could be the game for you. Rock climbing is itself a breathing exercise that tests your physical and mental stamina and reduces stress. Nearly all breathing exercises and sports are useful in reducing stress because nearly all exercise is useful for reducing stress because exercising raises our levels of norepinephrine, it is a brain synthetic hormone that encourages us to react to stress. This is the reason doctors prescribe this kind of exercises to treat mental conditions, similar to stress, compulsion, anorexia, and depression.


There are number of mental and physical health issues that people face in daily routine, some regularly observe phycological treatment, add treatment or physical therapy sessions to keep themselves mentally and physically healthy. Rock climbing is one of the great activities that reduces stress by increasing norepinephrine levels, a body neurotransmitter that helps relieve stress. Climbers are often immersed in the activity flow that allows their energy to be consumed in the activity of reaching, climbing and leaping, creating an ecstasy sense.

Another hormone cortisol is in the game. It provides relief from mental health struggles in any form. Your body sends a signal to your brain when you are exercising to produce more cortisol. Cortisol is called the stress hormone and released during mental and physical stress periods. Stress is greatly beneficial to the mind and body in certain forms. It maximizes performance and increases moods. Exercise has been shown to reduce depression as it provides a great boost in self-esteem and allows an individual to set personal goals and achieve them.


Spending energy and time with outdoor rock climbing is associated with lowering down the stress levels. Other activities such as heliskiing do the same job at best and boosts one’s mental health. Absorbing more vitamin D from sunshine, and fresh air helps to lower levels of stress, no matter how anxious we are before we start climbing.


As it requires dedication and determination, climbing rock is often associated with overcoming challenges. We set and achieve tangible goals in climbing. When climbers reach a peak–indoors or outdoors–they feel elevated to fulfill their task. It starts a domino effect to achieve other goals in our lives by achieving one goal, reducing potential stressors.


A person suffering from addiction may have underlying problems that lead to drugs and alcohol being turned to. You may never have learned the right ways to deal with stress and use substances to numb feelings. Rock climbing can be an incredible reliever of stress. The required deep concentration pushes out all other thoughts and allows you to attain a state of mindfulness. Mindfulness can be described as an inner peace in which mind, body, and spirit work together to achieve complete serenity. Climbing is a captivated sport where you can be with yourself.


Some may avoid climbing rock due to fear of heights, but the many different rock-climbing types allow a person to start at their level of comfort. There is an extremely unlikely possibility of injury in an indoor rock-climbing gym where you are harnessed and someone holding down your rope. Starting with this type of rock climbing, you can overcome fears and create a sense of trust that will help balance and overcome some mental health disorders and even fight addiction.

IT IS A FUN ANTISTRESS EXERCISE: Nothing else matters when you climb. Skydiving has much the same effect on you because you’re so focused on the moment and what you’re doing right now, you have no time to worry about things like work or bills. Fun is almost an understatement about the exciting experience of climbing. Besides bright colors, music and a new challenge, climbers have the opportunity to make their way up a 40-foot wall tied in a rope to catch your fall! The experience is exciting, and it is fulfilling the success of completing a route. Climbers will notice increased core control, the strength of the upper body, muscle and toning development, balance, coordination, and more. Climbing involves a variety of muscles, providing a total workout for the body.

Stress teaches you that you’re up against yourself. You are the one that normally holds you back in most things and learning that rock climbing will show you that you can often remove limitations in other aspects of life by simply stepping out of them. The point is, rock climbing is about you challenging and pushing yourself, so you stop thinking about competing and getting others approval and digging yourself into the deep well of stress.